LVMC Hole-In-One Insurance

All REGULAR & ASSOCIATE members of Los Verdes Men’s Club are insured by virtue of their annual due’s payment.

Hole-in-one insurance is valid for all home rounds played and at Los Verdes Men’s Club sponsored events for the club, or event for which the club member represents the Los Verdes Men’s Club, at any away course.

All Los Verdes members, or foursome guests of the hole-in-one recipient, present on the course, or on the course, shall be entitled and eligible to one drink on the day the hole-in-one is made.

The Los Verdes Men’s Club member who gets the hole-in-one must request to the bartender to open a tab upon completion of his round and is responsible to close the tab and sign it off prior to leaving ON THAT DAY.

The insurance fund will reimburse a maximum of $500.00 bar tab, which includes a 17% tip, for each hole-in-one made and shall be good for domestic beers and/or well drinks.

The year-end balance in the hole-in-one insurance fund shall be carried forward to the following year’s hole-in-one insurance fund by the club treasurer.