Monthly Tournament Schedule

Date Event Description/Notes Format Tees* Tee Times Results Captain
01-21-2018 January 2018 Monthly Tournament Individual Low Gross; Low Net by flights

White Tony Vintner
02-25-2018 February 2018 Monthly Tournament Individual Low Net. We will be having warm-up balls set up on the lower tier of the driving range prior to your round. There will also be a drink ticket given to each player for a draft beer, and for those with a starting time after 9:30am , you will be given (2) drink tickets with one of them used at the turn.

White Bill Atwood
03-25-2018 March 2018 Monthly Tournament Foursome 2 Best Ball - Partners 6-Hole Rotation: Rotate partners within the foursome for every 6 holes. Players 1&2 for first 6 holes, Players 1&3, for holes 7-12 and Players 1&4 for holes 13-18. Between the partner’s you will take the best ball score. Each player is going to hand in a score card with their best ball score.

White Chuck Olinger
04-21-2018 April 2018 Monthly Tournament Partner Best Ball/ SCGA Qualifier

White Paul Hendrickson
05-19-2018 May 2018 Monthly Tournament Tin Whistle

White Rick Kinsey
06-23-2018 June 2018 Monthly Tournament Individual Low Gross/Net + Partner Blind Draw TS

White Paul Hendrickson
07-22-2018 July 2018 Monthly Tournament Orange Ball

White Chuck Johnson
08-18-2018 August 2018 Monthly Tournament Club Championship Weekend

Blue Mario Yeaman
09-22-2018 September 2018 Monthly Tournament Member - Guest, Partners Best Ball

White Ben Serns
10-20-2018 October 2018 Monthly Tournament Criss Cross Tournament Weekend

White Ben Serns
11-18-2018 November 2018 Monthly Tournament Nine Hole Best Ball / Partners 2 Best Ball

White Paul Hendrickson
12-16-2018 December 2018 Monthly Tournament Limited Club (4 clubs)

White Stan Kohler